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I have a particular interest in people who might be misunderstood due to their sex life. Maybe it’s someone into non-monogamy. Maybe it’s a sex worker. Maybe it’s someone with a very specific kink. I enjoy telling their stories.

We know that sexual deviancy, sexual abuse, and sexual trauma all exist. It would be irresponsible of me to pretend this is not the case.

However, many people labeled as ‘sexual deviants’ are, actually, everyday folks who approach sex in ways that are not mainstream.

As a result, they often go to great lengths to learn about themselves, to learn about boundaries and consent, and to find community. If they lean into their desires safely and consensually, they usually seem (to me) quite self-aware.

These attributes all make them interesting people for me to talk to.

Do you take submissions?

Yes. You can tell me about your sexual self at my submission page.

Lately, I am leaning into Q&A series’ with folks in a specific subset of sex world. Right now the topic is non-monogamous moms and here is a Q&A example. The next topic will be announced June 2024.

I’ve been told that simply telling one’s story is cathartic. I don’t respond to every submission I receive, but I do read every one. If you’ve got a story or have an interesting sex topic to suggest, you can submit here

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A writer. Bylines in The Atlantic, Salon, Austin American-Statesman (where I used to co-host a culture podcast) and Sex With Emily, where I'm Head of Editorial. Also — random — I’m an aerialist.

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Creator of SUBMIT HERE. Sex and culture writer. Bylines: The Atlantic, Salon, Sex With Emily, Austin American-Statesman.