I laughed out loud at your preframe on this one, Tolly. "See these pearls? The ones I’m clutching?" I'm charmed.

And oh the relatability! I'm often lost in the quandary of writing vs. personal branding. I don't wanna be seen as "the polyamory writer"? I have so much more to say!

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Dec 30, 2023Liked by Tolly Moseley

😮 wow

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Fuck marketing and branding. I mean, I loooove marketing and branding. Mostly and especially when it’s for other people. That seems to be much easier and brings up less worry of “how I’m being defined or perceived” or the “what if I want to change but I’m already branded as _____?” sorta inner inquiries.

P.S. cute story. I appreciate people who choose to view life from that sort of a lens. The compassion lens. Cuz ya, lotsa people do indeed like to fuck. Raises hand

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